Selma University is accredited by the Association for Bible Higher Education,
5850 T G Lee Blvd, Suite 130, Orlando, FL 32822.



The ABHE Commission on Accreditation has issued Selma University (AL) an order to
show cause why its accreditation status should be continued. An institution retains its
accreditation status with the Commission on Accreditation while under show cause order.

The maximum time permitted for a show cause order is one year. Failure to comply with
the following specific accreditation standard(s) by the deadline imposed by the
Commission on Accreditation will result in removal of the institution’s status with the
Commission on Accreditation.

The ABHE Commission on Accreditation has placed Selma University on a show cause
order for failure to comply with the following accreditation standards and conditions of

• COE 7: Catalog (Evidence of a current and accurate catalog available to students and
the public)

• COE 8: Assessment and Public Accountability (Documented evidence that information is
available to the public concerning student achievement and institutional performance
outcomes, including graduation rates and rate of recent graduate employment in program
related occupations)

• COE 15: Student body (Sustained and viable student enrollment in the institution’s
educational programs over the past two years)

• COE 18: Institutional stability and capacity (documented evidence that the institution has
a pattern of stability in enrollment and finances)

• COE 19: Financial Base (Financial base indicating that the institution can achieve its
mission and goals within a balanced budget and at a safe level of debt)

• COE 21, Standard 6b: EE 1 Annual Audit (An institution must have financial records that
receive an annual, independent, opinioned audit)

• Standard 3: EE 7 (Documentation that the institution demonstrates integrity in financial
matters and in compliance with applicable legal and governmental regulations)

• Standard 6b: EE 3 (Documentation of adequate revenue streams sufficient to realize
institutional goals, including a detailed accounting of the status, and any actions already
taken showing the efforts and results of the financial recovery plan)

• Standard 6b: EE5 (Appropriate board oversight of financial management to meet public
accountability obligations)

• Standard 6b: EE 6 (Documentation of sufficient financial reserves to enable effective
response to unforeseen financial circumstances and enrollment fluctuations)


• Standard 6b: EE 7 (Documentation of adequate internal controls to safeguard assets and
protect personnel from accusations of wrongdoing)

• Standard 9b: EE 5 (Documentation that the faculty is involved in academic-related
decision-making processes especially related to admissions criteria, curriculum, and
student development).