Bible, Theology, and Christian Education Concentration

The program is designed to prepare students to be Christian education directors, superintendents of church schools, and youth ministers. Please take a few minutes to learn more about it.


Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to perform the following skills:

  • Develop and teach Bible study.
  • Organize and direct a Christian education program.
  • Organize a Sunday school program.
  • Exercise leadership in the local church.

Program Summary

This four-year program gives students a broad introduction into the world of Christian education. A minimum of 126 semester hours is required for graduation. The degree requirements include a minimum of:

  • 24 Hours of Bible
  • 18 Hours of Theology
  • 12 Hours of Church History
  • 9 Hours of Christian Education
  • 6 Hours of Electives

Integrated with Bible, Theology and Christian education are 57 hours of general liberal arts subjects to provide a balanced background for operating in Christian service.

About Our School

Selma University is a Christian College with the task of training men and women for Christian ministry. We believe that a thorough knowledge of the Bible as the Word of God must be the first step in the educational process. This is required of us by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, the accrediting agency.

The disciplines of the liberal arts and sciences are studied and understood in their proper perspective in the development of men and women in the General Education Program. All four-year degree programs require at least the minimum core of 30 hours in Bible and Theology: Please refer to the catalog. Need more information on the above-listed classes. Contact the office of Academic Affairs at (334) 872-2533 ext. 105, to learn more.