Selma University Student Life

Selma University student life is unique in many ways. A family atmosphere pervades the campus. The smallness of the school allows faculty and staff to know students personally and to be involved in their general well-being. Some of the most important lessons you will learn at Selma University will happen outside the classroom.

Selma University Housing

The Housing and Residence Life staff is firmly committed to the concept that residence halls are to provide a place where students grow, experience the richness of community living, and engage in learning outside the classroom.

Dynamic communities form and contribute to each student's overall learning intellectually, culturally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. On-campus living provides the challenge and support for residents, which allows them to take responsibility for their development. To apply for housing please click here.

Selma University Housing Policies

Students who are assigned space in university housing must read, complete, and sign a University Housing Application, Contract, and Agreement relating to terms and conditions occupancy for the full academic year. Students will complete a directory form as part of the registration process and will report all changes of address to the Office of Admissions and Records. All freshmen must stay in the dormitory for their first year. For a listing of what you need to bring when you come to the dorm please click here. For more information on housing, contact us today:

Selma University
Office of Student Affairs
1501 Lapsley Street
Selma, Alabama 36701
(334) 872-2533 Ext. 104
Dorm Manager (334) 872-5998

Dorm Common Area

Dorm Room


Dorm Office

Facilities Service Available to Students with Disabilities:

Selma University provides students in wheelchairs with a ramp to enter Dinkins Hall, Gibbs Dining Hall, and Jackson-Wilson Dormitory. However, the School is working to improve and make more services available for students with disabilities.

Vote's Registration Forms:

Students are given voter's registration forms during freshman orientation and our campus-wide orientation which includes each student that is admitted into our university. Each student is encouraged to register to vote in each state and local election.

Constitution Day:

Constitution Day is celebrated on September 17, or the nearest date to that on Wednesday in Dinkins Hall for chapel. The date is printed in the chapel program and a student reads a few of the articles. Books of the United States Constitution are also given out to students as available.

Drugs and Alcohol:

The policy of Selma University does not allow students to engage in drugs or alcohol while on the campus. (See page 16 in the student handbook.)

Fire Safety Report:

(See page 18 in the student handbook.)

Fire Log:

Selma University Jackson-Wilson Dormitory Manager maintains a fire log that is written and easily understands that records, the date that the fire occurred in an on-campus students’ area. The log includes the date, time, and location of each fire. The fire will be available to the public by written request within two business days. Selma University will make an annual report to the campus community during Wednesday morning chapel if needed.