The World of Selma University Athletics

The college experience is more satisfying and rewarding when the student can pursue his or her interest and demonstrate his or her talents and skills. Selma University athletics programs offer that opportunity. While participation in extracurricular activities does challenge the student's already limited schedule, by combining academics and other interests, the student actually becomes more disciplined in managing his or her time. Participation in extracurricular activities also helps the student develop and cultivate lifelong leadership skills.

Women's Basketball Team Baseball Team Men's Basketball Team

  • Men's Basketball - Coach Raymond Brown
  • Women's Basketball Head Coach: Coach Raymond Brown
  • Men's Baseball - Coach Adrian K. Holloway
  • Head Coach - Adrian K. Holloway: Coach Holloway is a graduate of Selma High School, where he was a Baseball Factory All-American (2001). After high school, he attended Alabama State University on a baseball scholarship and was named Rookie of the Year and a 3-year varsity athlete. He stayed focused on his academics as well and received a bachelor degree in 2007 for Social Work studies.
  • Assistant Coach: Justin Brown
Coach Adrian K. Holloway

Men's Baseball - Coach Adrian K. Holloway

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