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A constant upward striving defines Selma University academics. We are committed to preparing our students for a bright future, and we understand that it begins with academic excellence.

The Office of Academic Affairs

Greetings, Visitors and Fellow Bulldogs
I am delighted that you have chosen to visit the Office of Academic Affairs at Selma University. We are committed to building and enhancing the quality of students’ academic experience such that every student, faculty, and staff member will view Selma University as the school of choice for preparing men and women to be servant leaders throughout the world. The Office of Academic Affairs includes the following departments and services.

Dr. Stanford Angion, Program Director
Dr. Stanford E. Angion
VP of Academic Affairs
(334) 872-2533 Ext. 105

Academic Affairs Staff and Directory

Office Name Phone E-mail
VP of Academic Affairs Dr. Stanford Angion (334) 872-2533 -105 sueducationkey@gmail.com
Admissions Director Felicia Gill (334) 872-2533 -116 fdgill2020@hotmail.com
Admissions Recruiter Mieka Callines (334) 872-2533 -117 callinesm@gmail.com
Registrar Terrence Jackson (334) 872-2533 -110 tejack3@gmail.com
Assistant Registrar Bernice Brown (334) 872-2533 -111 berniced2523@gmail.com
Director of Extensions Stevenson Tullis (334) 872-2533 -118
Librarian Edna Green (334) 874-2628 green_edna@yahoo.com
Academic Advising Sherri Cook (334) 874-1314 -108 cooksherri628@gmail.com
Administrative Assist. Marion Harris (334) 874-1314 -101 sualliedhealth@gmail.com
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Academic Divisions Directory

Division Name Phone E-mail
Biology and PE Tiffany Reeves (334) 874-1314 -105 tlreeves08@yahoo.com
Business Wanda Salone (334) 872-2533 -123 salonewanda@yahoo.com
General Studies Vivian Starks-Turner (334) 872-2533 -122 vivstar4@yahoo.com
Health Science Marchina Harrell (334) 874-1314 -106 marchinaharrell@gmail.com
Theology and Religion Rev. Otis Culliver (334) 872-2533 -119 pastorculliver.tab@gmail.com

Academic Choices of Study

Students come to college with different goals in mind. When most people think of Selma University, they think of a school for ministers only. This is far from the truth. Although we do offer a Bachelor and Master's Degree in Bible and Pastoral Ministry, we also have several other Degree Programs available. Whether your field of study is Business or Biology, we have an array of choices to choose from at our institution. We also offer an Allied Health program that trains in the field of nursing, phlebotomy and other medical fields. Take some time to check out our different programs; you will love the choices available.

Selma University Degree Programs

Selma University is a four-year Bible College that offers a variety of degree programs. Below is a listing of the degrees that are offered here at Selma University. If you have any questions, call the office of Academic Affairs at (334) 872-2533 ext. 105. Students may pursue degrees at the following levels in the following areas:

Associate of Arts

Associate of Health Science
Patient Care Technology

Master of Arts
Pastoral Ministry
Christian Education

Bachelor of Arts
General Studies
Business Administration
Pastoral Ministry
Physical Education
Theology and Christian Education

Two Graduates

Selma University offers students opportunities in the areas of patient care, medical terminology, practice-based learning and performances, interpersonal and communication skills and professionalism in the following Selma University College Of Allied Healthcare Programs:

Bachelor of Science
Biology- Health Science
Biology- Physical Education

For more in-depth descriptions of our classes, please check out the course catalog.

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