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Registration begins during the week prior to the start of classes. A Schedule of Classes is produced by the Registrar’s Office that details the available courses and semester calendar. A late registration period will occur during the first week of classes.

To register for classes, students must be admitted to the university. Once students are admitted, they must take the placement exams unless they have achieved a 17 or better on the ACT English, Math or Reading or have taken a college level English or Math class and achieved a “C” or better in the course.

After taking the placement exams, students are directed to their advisor based on the major they choose on their application for admission.

The initial advisor will be the department chairperson who then will assign a permanent advisor for the student.

Once the students have met with their advisor, they may then proceed to the Office of Records and Registration to register their classes.

After registering, students must receive clearance from the Office of Financial Aid, The Office of Student Affairs, and the Office of Fiscal Affairs to be validated for registration. A student ID card must be acquired to finalize the student’s registration.

At the end of the registration period, the students’ class registrations will be verified with the business office for validation. Any students who have or have not validated classes by the end of the ADD/DROP period will be removed from classes.

During the registration period, all pertinent dates will be posted throughout the campus.

Applicant Requirements for Registration

There is not a distinction made for “in-state” or “out-of-state” students.

Applicants who meet or exceed general requirements for admission will be granted unconditional acceptance. Academic requirements for unconditional acceptance are:

 Ø  High School GPA of 2.0 or satisfactory scores on GED exam
Ø  Cumulative College GPA of 2.0 AND in good standing at last college attended

 All students who are unconditionally accepted into the university must have in their student file:

 Ø  Completed application; dated and signed with social security number and birth- date
Ø  A Physical Exam signed by a Licensed Physician with the results of a Tuberculosis test less than two years old
Ø  Immunization Record
Ø  Official High School Transcript should have raised seal, signed with graduation date on transcript
Ø  Official College Transcript from each college applicant lists on the application for admission
Ø  Proof of Health Insurance

 *Students who are unconditionally accepted may register for classes.


Applicants who DO NOT meet or exceed general requirements for admission may be granted conditional admission with the following academic restrictions:

 Ø  Registration will be limited to 12 hours in the first term of attendance
Ø  Students will be required to meet all Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements (financial aid)
Ø  Students will be required to register with the Academic Dean for tutoring services

 Applicants who have met minimum academic requirements BUT have not completed the admissions process will be conditionally accepted.

 All students who are conditionally accepted into the university must have in their file:

 Ø  Completed application should be dated, signed with social security number and birth date
Ø  Completed essay on the back or attached to application
Ø  Official High School Transcript should have raised seal, signed with graduation date on transcript
Ø  Official College Transcript from each college applicant lists on the application for admission

**These students’ files will remain in the Admissions Office until completed.

 Students who are conditionally accepted may register for their first term of attendance. Subsequent registrations will be held until admissions file is completed.


 Full access includes receiving grades, transcripts, graduation services, student activities and other services that require examination of student files.

Conditionally accepted students will be able to receive student verifications during their first term of attendance.

Any applicant who has attended other colleges or universities and has successfully completed thirty (30) hours of college level courses will be considered a transfer student. An applicant must be in good standing at the previous institution(s), with a cumulative college GPA of at least a 2.0 to be admitted unconditionally. Official transcripts from all previous institutions must be submitted to the University for Credits Evaluation. Transcripts are to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the beginning of a registration period for credit consideration for the term. 

Academic Probation
Applicants who were under academic probation at the previously attended college will enter Selma University under Academic Probation. 

Academic Suspension
Applicants who were under academic suspension at the previously attended college must demonstrate continued eligibility for financial aid at previous institution, no disciplinary sanctions AND submit to a written and oral interview with the Academic Dean. If accepted, applicant will be admitted conditionally and under academic probation.

International Students who meet the admission requirements set forth by the University will be considered for admission.

The admission requirements of international students must be processed sixty (60) days prior to the date of planned registration. The requirements are as follows: (In addition to the school’s basic requirements)

 Ø  Complete Application for Admission with proper fees.
Ø  Provide official copies of academic records along with principal’s or school master’s recommendation.
Ø  Provide affidavit of support.
Ø  Pay matriculation deposits and tuition deposit for two (2) semesters. No students will be admitted with a scholastic achievement of less than the equivalent of 2.00 (C) on a 4.0 scale grade point average of the Selma University grading system.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination is required of all international students if their native language is not English. Students residing in the United States who are not U.S. citizens but have F-1 Visa status may enroll with approval from the Vice President of Academic Affairs and must:

 Ø  Present a current passport and information on the validity of the visa.
Ø  Have official copies of transcripts from U.S. Colleges or Universities attended showing courses taken and grades obtained. Copies should be mailed directly to:

Director of Admissions
Selma University
1501 Lapsley Street
Selma, AL. 36701

Ø  Take the English placement test and secure recommendation for admissions from the English Department.
Ø  Pay tuition and fees in full at the time of registration.
Ø  Not apply for provisional status.
Ø  Write a brief autobiography.

International students seeking to transfer to Selma University from colleges and universities in the United States must meet the acceptance criterion and will be required to take the English placement test prior to registration.


This term applies to the students enrolled in another college who desire to take courses at Selma University for one semester and then return to the other college for their degree. A transcript from the other college is not required; however, Selma University reserves the right to request academic credentials or official evidence of enrollment from the other college. The student should present an official transcript or a letter of good standing from the institution. When a transient student is accepted, admission to Selma University will be only for the term indicated on the transient form. Subsequent admission may be approved upon request. If transient students desire to transfer to Selma University, they must complete an application as a regular transfer student and submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges.


The re-admission application of a student with a second suspension will have to be reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs before admission is authorized. Transcripts for all other college work completed while not enrolled at Selma University must be submitted. No credits earned at another institution by a student on academic suspension from Selma University will be used in clearing suspension or meeting GPA requirements at Selma University.



An orientation program is designed to acquaint new students with the college and is required for all students the first semester they are enrolled. These sessions include an introduction to the spiritual and academic objectives of the school; an outline of academic programs offered; information on school procedures and regulations; and placement testing.


All students who matriculate to Selma University must take the entrance placement exams. The exams measure student proficiency in reading, grammar, sentence skills, and math. Students are scheduled by the Admissions Counselor for these exams and must complete the exams prior to meeting with their advisor for class scheduling. Students can place out of the exams if they have earned college level credits in English or Math earning a “C” or better in those courses. Incoming freshmen may place out of the exam if they have earned a composite score of “17” or subset scores of “18” or better on the ACT or 490 on the appropriate SAT subset scores.



Advisement is provided in the areas of study, class schedules, effective study habits, and personal problems. An Academic Advisor is assigned to each student to help the student plan a course of study for each semester. Records of academic progress are kept and shared with the student by the advisor. The student must meet with the academic advisor prior to attempting to register for classes. The advisor will suggest courses to be taken according to the major’s curriculum and provide the necessary approvals for the student to continue through the registration process.


A student’s classification will be determined by the number of credit hours earned at Selma University and transfer credits accepted after evaluation of official college transcripts.

Freshman …………………………………………… 1-32 semester hours
Sophomore ………………………………………….33-66 semester hours
Junior ……………………………………………….. 67-97 semester hours
Senior ………………………………………………. 98 or more semester hours


A full-time student is one who enrolls with a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours each semester (fall and spring) and nine (9) semester hours during a summer term.

 The maximum course load for a full-time student is eighteen (18) credit hours per semester. The Vice President for Academic Affairs may approve up to twenty-one (21) credit hours per semester for returning students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

 A student in a degree program who does not maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 will be allowed to register for a maximum of twelve (12) credit hours.


Selma University uses a three-digit numbering system. The first digit designates the level of course, such as 095-099 Academic Support Services (Compensatory) courses; 100-199 freshman, 200-299 sophomore, 300-399 junior, 400- upward senior, and 500-graduate. The second digit is reserved for the department to designate relevant classifications of courses within the respective disciplines. The third digit is used to designate the sequences of courses within the department. The last three digits at the end of the course number represent the section number of the course.


The section numbers are the last three digits assigned to courses for the term. If there is more than one course offered in a term, consecutive, sequential section numbers are assigned for the courses. For example, if there are two biology classes offered, the class offered earlier in the day is assigned section 1, BIO101100, and the later class is assigned section 2, BIO101200. If only one course is offered, it is assigned section 1. Extension classes, Allied Health and Independent Study courses are assigned unique section numbers. Below is the list of section number patterns according to site (Beginning Summer, 2013)

Main Campus..............................000
Allied Health..............................010
Independent Study.......................900


A student may add/drop a course only during the official registration and change of schedule period by:

Ø  Obtaining an Add/Drop Form from the Registrar’s Office.
Ø  Securing the signature of the instructor(s) whose course is being added/dropped, and that of the faculty advisor.
Ø  Bringing the Add/Drop Form to the Registrar’s Office for placement on student’s schedule.
Ø  Taking a copy of schedule to the Financial Aid and the Office of Fiscal Affairs for fee adjustments if necessary.

 It is the responsibility of each student to properly add/drop a course by completing the Add/Drop Forms supplied by the Registrar’s Office. A course is not officially added/dropped until all appropriate forms are completed by the student, signed by the appropriate personnel and returned to the Registrar’s Office.

Add/Drop requests will not be considered after the last day of the Add/Drop period.

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