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2015-2016 Selma University Men's Basketball

 (From Left to Right)Front Row: Anthony Stroggins, Jeremy Wooten, Braszuan Barnes, (Second Row) Peyton Johnson, Rodricka Jones,
(Third Row) Jallen Kelly, Jamal Reynolds, Marcus Hall, Brentley Hill, (Fourth Row)Jacquez Fields, DeVante Brown,
Tyler Fountain, Jeremiah Johnson, (Top Row)Head Coach: Jeremy Fortune

Head Coach - Jeremy Fortune

Coach J. is an graduate of Sarah T. Reed High School in New Orleans, LA. in which he decided to further his education.  He attended Concordia College of Selma where he studied Elementary Education and went on to graduate from Selma University where he got his B.A. degree in Biology/Physical Education.  His love and experience in basketball caused him to take up the position as coach at his Alma Mater school, Selma University.


Coach J. states "I feel that we had a great team in our past season, we worked really hard but we still had a few pieces missing." which is understood.  College basketball teams must have all the key points covered, in order to formulate a great team.  His plans for the future is to find those missing links, subtract and add players and put a game plan together so that they can compete at the highest level night in and night out.  Good Luck to Coach J. in his next season and we wish him the best.

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