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Financial Information

The following regulations govern the discharge of financial obligations to Selma University.

Students are required to pay the college fees upon registration, at the beginning of each semester. The student will not  be able to start classes until general fees are paid.

The student is expected to fulfill their financial obligations to the school. When a student desires that a bill be sent to their guardians, the student may request that a statement from the Business Office be mailed to them. However, this does not release the student from penalties if bills are not paid when due.



General Fees/Year                                                   First Semester                    Second Semester                        Total (Yr)

Application Fee                                                                 $20.00                                                                                 $20.00

Activity                                                                             $20.00                                  $20.00                                    $40.00

Library                                                                              $30.00                                  $30.00                                    $60.00

I.D. Card                                                                           $10.00                                     $ -0-                                     $10.00

Car Decal                                                                         $15.00                                                                                  $15.00 
$95.00                                   $50.00                                  $145.00


Tuition                                                                             $3,240.00                              $3,240.00                               $3,240.00
Room & Board                                                                   2,500.00                                2,500.00                                 2,500.00
Semester Cost                                                               $5,835.00                               $5,790.00                              $5,740.00



YEARLY TOTAL                                                                                 $11,625.00


Note: This is based on 12-18 hours semester.

Replacement I.D. Cards ($10.00)                                   


                         LABORATORY FEES/SEMESTER


Allied Health Labs                                          $345.00 per semester


BUSINESS                                                       $50.00


COMPUTER SCIENCE                                      $50.00
NATURAL SCIENCE                                          $150.00 per semester


Baccalaureate Degree                            $100.00 
           Master Degree                                       $125.00 Schedule Change (per change)

           Schedule Change (per change)               $10.00
Transcripts (after the first)                       $8.00
Auto Tag (car registration)                      $15.00 (per car)




           Per Semester Hour 
                 (1-11 Credit Hours)                           $250.00 per credit hour ($2,750.00)

           Per Semester
                (12-18 Credit Hours)                          $175.00 per credit hour (3,240.00)
                Overload Hours (19+)                         $270.00 per credit hour

Audit Course                                                     $425.00




    *  For 1-11 credit hours a student is charged $250.00 per credit hour.
     *  Fo
r 12-18 credit hours a student is charged $3,240.00 per semester.
    *  A decal purchased in August is good for the Fall and Spring semesters.
A student starting in the Spring will have to pay the full price for a decal
The Application fee is a one time fee paid when you apply to enroll.
All fees have to be paid before you attend class.
All Tuition and Boarding (if you are a boarding student) have to be paid before you take your semester’s Mid-term Exams.
First time boarding students must pay a non-refundable, one time room deposit of $200.00.
All first year Freshman students must stay in the dorm for a full year. 
Students are responsible for their own health insurance. (School does provide list of independent insurance agents, if needed) 


Tuition (12-18 credit hours)                                          $3,240.00
Boarding (Food) & Housing                                          $2,500.00

        Application (If not already paid)                                 $20.00 
        Activity                                                                   $20.00
        Library                                                                    $30.00
 I.D. Card                                                                 $10.00
        Car Decal                                                               $15.00 

TOTAL FOR SEMESTER                                  $5,835.00



Tuition (12-18 credit hours)                                          $3,240.00
Boarding (Food) & Housing                                          $2,500.00

       Activity                                                                    $20.00
       Library                                                                     $30.00

TOTAL FOR SEMESTER                                    $5,790.00

YEARLY TOTAL                                                $11,625.00

For more information on any Business Office matters, feel free to give us a call: (334)872-2533 ext. 107

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