Admissions Policy and Procedures

Felicia Gill
Admissions Director
Felicia Gill
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Mieka Callines 
Admission Recruiter
Mieka Callines
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Selma University’s mission is to prepare men and women to be servant leaders throughout the world. As a Christian College, Selma University seeks to stimulate students spiritually, intellectually and socially and to produce graduates who lead in the profession for which they were trained.

Our mission is to recruit and enroll young men and women as students at Selma University. 


Application for admissions should be made on forms provided by the college. All application materials should be received by the Office of Admissions one month prior to the applicant’s desired enrollment. Selma University has an open door policy. The application procedure is as follows:

Complete and return the Admission’s Application Form, including the Entry Essay. Write or type a brief autobiography. Be specific and concise. Please write approximately one paragraph on each of the following headings: 

  • Influences of home life.
  • Experiences during and after high school.
  • How you heard about Selma University and reasons for desiring to attend. 

Submit REQUIRED medical information prior to the start of classes: TB-skin test results, immunization record, and physical examination form. 


**A Tuberculosis (TB skin) test or chest X-ray is required of ALL students entering Selma University. However, if a test result is positive, the student will need to bring a written medical clearance statement from his/her healthcare provider.


Selma University requests a copy of the applicant’s up-to-date Certificate of Immunization.


The Alabama law requires that all new undergraduate and graduate students enrolling either for the first time or returning after some period other than the summer must show proof of having received required immunization. The record of your immunization can be obtained from your high school.

However, Selma University has many adult students in ministry and other studies who are more than 30 plus years of age and are coming to school for the first time. Many of these students have been out of school for many years. Also, many of these students attend one of Selma University extension campuses and are not on the main campus. Therefore, any student who has been out of high school more than fifteen (15) years can receive a waiver from this requirement. The signing of this form is an admission that you have been out of school for more than fifteen years and it is difficult for you to obtain an immunization record from your high school.


The completion of this form is one of the requirements for admission to Selma University. A physician must complete and sign this form. This form becomes a part of the student’s institutional record and is a requirement for various activities at the University.


Applicants are to arrange for a copy of their OFFICIAL high school transcript or GED test scores to be sent to Selma University via post-office mail. High schools or colleges that utilize e-script may submit the transcript to the admissions office via E-mail. If an applicant has attended any college(s), the applicant should have all academic and financial aid transcripts sent as well. However, if the student’s college transcript has fewer than thirty (30) semester hours of academic college-level courses completed with a “C” or better, an official copy of the high school transcript will be required for matriculation. *Unofficial copies of transcript(s) are acceptable only during the late registration period, pending the Official copy has been requested and is being mailed.

  • The applicant is to submit scores from the ACT (American College Testing) Program or the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Program if these tests have been taken.  Usually, these scores appear on your high school transcript. However, these tests are not required for matriculation.
  • The applicant is to have three people who know him/her extremely well to fill out a character reference form. One form should be from the applicant’s pastor or a religious leader.


Applicants who supply Selma University with documentation of successful completion of their high school course requirements for the State of Alabama, but who have not received a Diploma or GED may apply for admission to a degree-granting program through the Ability to Benefit policy, as follows:

Upon submitting an application for admission, applicants will be required to take an Ability-to-Benefit assessment test. Applicants achieving the minimum score as established by the U.S. Department of Education (for Accuplacer-reading: 55; sentence skills: 60; and math: 34) will be admitted to Selma University and will be permitted to matriculate and apply for financial aid.

You must pass the Ability to Benefit Test if you meet both of the following conditions:

  • You have not earned a high school diploma or GED, and
  • You are applying for federal financial aid.
  • Ability to Benefit Test also serves as an academic placement test.  For more information about financial aid and Ability to Benefit, please contact the financial aid office at (334) 872-2533, ext. 112.

Study Materials: No charge
Fee: None
Retake Policy: One Week


Admissions Application
Re-Admission Application Form

Initiation to Graduation

Allied Health 
Immunization Waiver

Character Reference
Physical Form

All correspondences, transcripts, medical forms, and other documents must be mailed to:
Selma University Office of Admissions and Records
1501 Lapsley Street
Selma, Alabama 36701

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