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Revised Spring 2019

Selma University is pleased to furnish this information in compliance with the Student Right-to-Know Act of 1993 and the Higher Education Authorization Act 2009. Interested parties should consult the online college Catalog and college personnel in the
Selma U administrative offices for further information, as indicated below. They also may access the College Navigator website maintained by the National Center for Education Statics for comparative information for all U.S. colleges and universities. Enrollment statics provided there at compiled from IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) reports filed annually by each college with the federal government.

According to enrollment data for fall term 2018, 48% of full-time students were male, 52% female. Ethnicity was self-reported as follows: 1% White (non-Hispanic), 1% Hispanic, 98% Black (non-Hispanic). According to enrollment data for spring term 2019, 47% of full-time students were male, 53% female. Ethnicity was self-reported as follows: 2% White (non-Hispanic), 1% Hispanic, 97% Black (non-Hispanic).

RETENTION (Student Persistence)
The most recent IPEDS data show a retention rate of 33% for FTFT (First Time Full Time) freshmen entering Fall 2018. Overall retention 83% for Freshmen entering 2017.

Data for full-time Freshmen students from Fall 2011 show a Completion Rate of 2%. The Reporting standard for Completion specifies a time frame of 150 percent of the published time to complete a Bachelor’s Degree.

Note: Many Colleges use a reporting formula for completion that excludes entering students who do not intend to finish a full four-year program at that college. Selma University includes in its Completion.

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